Irrefutable Tips For Writing A Winning Dissertation PhD

If you are about to start writing your dissertation for Ph.D., this is a momentous milestone in your academic pursuit. However, it is also a step that comes with great responsibilities. You have to come up with a workable thesis proposal and prospectus. What’s more, you have to plan the entire project, research widely, write the paper and submit it. All this is not easy especially when you have other engagements in life. Many Ph.D. candidates drop off at this point but this doesn’t have to be your fate.

In this article, you will find some simple but incredible tips that will come handy in writing a Ph.D. dissertation without the usual hassle. Take a look:

  1. Appreciate the Magnitude of the Task
  2. While studying in class and researching in the field is all fun and excitement, a dissertation requires total dedication and discipline. This is the only thing between you and that Ph.D. You need to appreciate that writing hundreds of pages will inevitably interfere with your life. When you appreciate this, it becomes easier to reorganize, and your mind prepares itself for the task ahead.

  3. Start Working on the Project Now (Avoid procrastination)
  4. You need to start working on your project. Procrastination is the major problem for candidates and to avoid it, make sure you plan your time. Schedule enough time for research and writing every day and make sure this plan is realistic.

  5. Choose a Topic/Subject You Care About
  6. Over the course of your degree program, there must be an area that has interested you. You need to pick a topic from such an area and you will get it easy throughout the research, writing and Ph.D. dissertation defense.

  7. Do the Groundwork/Understand the Requirements
  8. You need to follow your department/s dissertation requirements to the letter. Make sure you read through all the guidelines, note the academic writing style preferred, style of references, formatting and all other details. Don’t think about defending a Ph.D. dissertation when you don’t understand the requirements from the beginning. Identify your sources of materials and organize such materials.

  9. Start With a Winning Dissertation Proposal
  10. Your proposal will determine if the dissertation committee agrees to give the go-ahead. In essence, you need to work on a winning proposal that will convince the supervisory committee of the viability/relevance of your planned project.

    Remember there is no Ph.D. without dissertation and as such, create a solid foundation for the project by including the problem your dissertation tackles, explanation of the importance of the problem to the research, academic, and scientific community and importance of the solution. Your proposal will also delineate the methodology you will use to find these answers.

  11. Create the Basic Outline
  12. Your dissertation must have the following:

    • Introduction (including thesis and research question)
    • Literature Review
    • Methodology
    • Findings
    • Conclusions
    • Bibliography
  13. Seek Help
  14. There is so much to do in this project and you can seek help from Ph.D. dissertation writing services if you get stuck. It saves you time and guarantees you submit the best paper.

If you need a dissertation only Ph.D. holders can match, use these tips to get started.